June 6, 2016

Hi Everybody,

What a year so far. Blessed to have prolific 1st half of 2016. So much music, travel and adventure. We had a long solo tour (Boomer & I) in February & March and then an awesome April UK tour with Freddi (co-billed with Doghouse Roses). Then solo in May to The Netherlands and France. What a way to start the year!!!

I am at home this Summer mostly and we begin the preparations for the August 26 release of our NEW JPB CD titled ‘The Field The Forest’. It’s a double EP CD with each a different theme. 'The Field’ has a lighter touch - as if walking an easy sun drenched path through a field. ‘The Forest’ is a much more adventurous effort. Like what happens when we walk in the forest - never knowing what lurks beyond tree or turn.

I am thrilled for you all to hear the CD. As I write, I am waiting for the truck to bring my new babies home. We're making a European tour in November / December in Germany, France & Italy. We have a follow up tour scheduled for 2017 as well to some other territories. So all in all, things are rolling along nicely.

Keep a look out for pre-release songs - I will send links out to hear some new songs to the folks on my email list - soon! Another good reason to be on the email list - sign up!
Be well and see you soon.