December 9, 2017

Hi Everyone!

A few years ago, I started a record label called MEER MUSIC. It s label I make my records for and then partner with other labels for distribution and assistance.

I had a cabin by the Steinhüder Meer in northern Germany. 'Meer' is usually the name of a sea in German - and a lake is called a see - confusing I know!. ANYWAY, It was an inspiring place to write & record. I wrote 'Hope For Centuries' & 'Empire Bridges' there. I wrote and we recorded the 'Parsons Thibaud' 'Eden' record there. Even recorded a bunch of US Rails tunes there over the years. But it was mainly a quite place to be creative and get away from the city.

Though it's mostly a vanity label, I do sell the music of all the groups I'm in or have been in. We still have a lot of physical CD's in our warehouse and would love to get them into your hands at a fair price. SO - WE'RE HAVING A HUGE SALE!

Joseph Parsons • US Rails • Hardpan • Parsons Thibaud • 4 Way Street

Some physical CD's are sold out and only the DDP (Digital Download Package) is available. A DDP is a large zip file with original hi-res music (& mp3) and printable artwork and lots of original and extra photo's, posters etc. They are a great way to go green as well!! The sale is on until December 19, 2017.

All my best for the holiday season to you and yours.