December 29, 2016

Hello from north Germany!  It's the holidays at the moment and I'm nursing a sinus operation hangover. But all is good and hopefully will be 100% in the days to come.

It's been two weeks since our Fall tour. We were all over the place in Europe this tour. Starting in Berlin, then to Italy, France, Holland and back to Germany. 6 weeks, 30+ shows, a new record in the works. What an amazing time we had. The band has never sounded better and as we get near our 10 year anniversary as a band, it feels better and better. 

The new CD 'The Field The Forest' seems to be a favorite of a bunch of you and we're thrilled you are digging the record. Please spread the work about our music as we need all the help we can to find new folks to 'discover' us.

We are ever thankful for your support over the years.  We love making music and because of you, we can keep on making it together.


Sven, Freddi, Ross & Joseph