Heavens Above

Heavens Above

Produced and Recorded by Devin Greenwood 

Heavens Above
Shades Of Gray
Sitting On Top Of The World
Children In the Sun
Skipping Stone
Sky Boys
Tell Me Hello
Dume Room
I Saw You

© & ℗ 2008 Joseph Parsons (ThenThen Music / BMI)
Licensed to Blue Rose Records (www.bluerose-records.com)


Produced & Recorded by Devin Greenwood
Sculville Studio • Somers Points, NJ
Vagabond Studio • Paris & Courmangoux, France / Manayunk, PA USA
Mixed & Mastered by Phil Nicolo
Studio 4 • Conshohocken, PA

All songs written by Joseph Parsons
(© 2008 Joseph Parsons / ThenThen Music / BMI)

Except 'Sitting On Top Of The World' with Elliott Murphy
(© 2008 Joseph Parsons / ThenThen Music / BMI & Elliott Murphy/SACEM)

All songs published by ThenThen Music 

Photo Credits
Anna Obereigner (AO Design - www.aodesign.de)
(Cover, Pages 4,6,7,9,10,11,13,16)

Lisa Schaffer (www.skylerbug.com)
(Pages 2,8,12,14,15)

Huge thanks to Devin Greenwood for his insight, genius  and care of my babies, all the musicians for their amazing contributions - Ross, Ivan, Emiliana, Phil Nicolo for his perspective and ears, Edgar & Beate Heckmann, Sabine and the extended Blue Rose family, Anna Obereigner, Christian (Boomer) Böhm, Todd Thibaud, Sean Timmons, Elliott & Françoise Murphy, Jan & Ella Janssen and the Real Roots Cafe, Jürgen Stahl, Sven Hansen, Freddi Lübitz, Terry Lee Hale & Katy DeTappe, Tom Gillam, Lisa Schaffer, Peter Holmstedt, FutureWorld Music, Peter & Claudia Weber, Marjorie & Franck Cappuccio, Glen Desmond, Ilke Böhm, Scott Silipigni, Denise Hand, Britt Boas, Alison Dilworth, Rose & Randy Berghaier

To me, Live Music is a completely different art form than making records.  A special thanks to all the fans & promoters who support us on the road.

This record is dedicated to my late father, Joseph Parsons Jr., who bestowed upon me the confidence to live this dream.